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New Plymouth Coastal WalkwayQualymark Enviro


New Plymouth's award winning High Profile Sustainability efforts have been recognised internationally. As Tourism operators New Plymouth Top 10 Holiday Park recognise the importance of playing our part in sustainability. We believe in protecting the beautiful environment around us.

We want to ensure that future generations and visitors can enjoy the history and amazing natural vista around us. We are working to help achieve this.
In developing our environmental plan we have considered the key issues of energy efficiency, water economy, conservation, community and waste management.

Areas we are working on:

  • Turning fridges off when not in use to help conserve energy consumption.
  • Keeping our pool covered at night & in colder months.
  • Installing flow restrictions for water.
  • Using responsible measures to control pests.
  • Consciously supporting local suppliers.
  • Using our own mulch.
  • Buying bulk to reduce packaging.
  • Use of energy efficient bulbs where possible.
  • Use of time clocks & sensors to control lighting in areas at night.
  • Implementing reductions in our servicing of units (no longer daily) to reduce chemical use and water.
  • Actively referring other businesses in the community.
  • Actively displaying our Responsible Tourism Statement.
  • Providing recycling bins.
  • Providing soap, shampoo, conditioner dispensers.

How you can help:


Switching off unnecessary lights and equipment at the wall when not in use.
Switching off the heater.
Hanging clothes on one of our washing lines or using drying racks provided to dry instead of using the dryer.


Our lakes and rivers are our treasures and the habitat of many plants, fish and bird species. When enjoying our waterways, please be sure to keep them free of rubbish, spills and introduced species, like Didymo.

Water is a precious resource, please conserve.
Washing dishes and rinsing vegetables in a sink of water rather than under a running tap.
Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving.
Having shorter showers.
Making sure you turn taps off properly so that they don’t drip.
Let us know of any leaks.


Litter free places are healthy places. Waste is hazardous if disposed of incorrectly and can attract pests and disease. Reduce the amount of waste you make and dispose of it responsibly.

Please don’t litter. Always put all your rubbish in the bins provided or take it away with you when you leave.

Use our recycling bins for aluminium, tin, glass, plastic paper and cardboard using the light blue bins on site.

If you wish to make a suggestion or comment on our Environmental Policy or Sustainable Tourism, please email us at